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For a Better Future

Every school will be a protected space for students to learn and fulfill their academic potential, to grow into productive members of our society.


Every teacher, custodian, bus driver, cafeteria worker, support staff, counselor, and school administrator will be able to teach in conditions of safety, security, and dignity.


Every school will be a safe place for students to develop in extracurricular activities (robotics, green power, chess…) including athletics in order to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom.


  1. Schools will have a dedicated School Resource Officer (SRO).

    1. Schools that don’t have an SRO located on campus will have a trained School Security Guard (SSG). 

  2. The school will create a comprehensive School Safety Plan and update it each school year.

  3. Trained faculty, students, and parents on school safety protocols.

  4. District develop Positive Behavior Intervention Supports Plan: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

School Bus & Children


Key Policy

Madison County Schools students will always come first in decision making, strategic planning, and funding expenditures.


  1. Students’ needs

    1. Every student needs inspiring models–and modeling.

    2. Every student needs to know how to learn.

    3. Every student needs creative spaces and tools.

    4. Every student deserves as many chances as it takes.

    5. Every student needs to be able to read, apply mathematical concepts to the real world and write.

    6. Every student needs hope.

    7. Every student needs to play.

  2. Teachers’ needs 

    1. Professional development and support

    2. Instructional resources that complement academic expectations

  3. Families’ needs

    1. What your child learns

    2. How your child learns

    3. Social supports

    4. Academic and behavior feedback



The Stakes are High

Madison County Schools embark on a series of community conversations across Madison County. These conversations will be a unique way to collect data about the needs and potential solutions for the communities this research is intended to affect. The conversations will focus on how community members define the future workforce; how they learn about new industries and occupations; how well their schools help students prepare for this future; and how their schools should be held accountable for preparing all students. Madison County Schools' eventual policy recommendations will be informed by students, parents, educators, business leaders, board members, and employers.


  • Early exposure to career options, particularly in grades K-8

  • Holistic preparation for college and careers in the future workforce and civic life across academic and socioemotional factors

  • Orientation of school accountability systems around the outcomes of college and career readiness as well as the attainment of good jobs


This is the opportunity to guarantee we will have college or employment solutions for students once they graduate from Madison County School System.

Business Conference


For a Better Future

Schools and businesses will work together to benefit students, teachers, and their entire communities. Successful partnerships will be across grades, in all schools. Included:  Capt. Whitlow is pushing for change and will support schools with business leaders in their community to ensure we see a brighter future that guarantees students that they will be prepared day one after graduation to have a positive impact financially, socially, and spiritually.



The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall goals for Madison County Schools and to develop a plan to achieve them. It involves stepping back from your day-to-day operations and asking where we are headed and what our priorities should be. We will collaborate with the business sector to ensure our strategic plan involves accountability actions that enable our communities to grow and meet the economic goals of the 21st Century.

Create accountability measures and report success and opportunities to improve to all stakeholders.

Create a recruitment and retention plan for teachers, support personnel, bus drivers, and substitutes.

  • Retired Teachers

  • Retired Support Personnel

  • Retired military outreach

  • Attendance incentives for all faculty and staff

  • Bus driver stipend for extra routes driven

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Capt. Cameron Whitlow Sr. is so appreciative that you would like to get involved. There are so many ways for you to help Capt. Cameron Whitlow Sr. push for change, and become part of making the community a better place. Whether you would like to volunteer your time or you are looking to make a monetary donation, Capt. Cameron Whitlow Sr. really appreciates all of your efforts.


Capt. Cameron E. Whitlow Sr. is entering his fourth year as principal at Meridianville Middle School and his ninth year as a school principal. He is husband to Michelle Stovall-Whitlow and have children who attend Madison County Schools. Capt. Whitlow is a high school graduate of George Washington Carver in Montgomery, Alabama. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Troy University in K-12 Education. Capt. Whitlow has served as an educator in Elba and Troy, Alabama. He then received his Master's in Instructional Leadership degree from Alabama State University. Capt. Whitlow also earned his Education Specialist Degree in Instructional Leadership from Troy University. Capt. Whitlow became principal of Brewbaker Middle School in Montgomery, Alabama, where he led an impressive turnaround effort. Capt. Whitlow was thrilled about the opportunity to lead the mighty Eagles of Meridianville Middle School.


In 2018-19 school with Capt. Whitlow at the helm Meridianville Middle School earned an A/90 on the Alabama State Report Card which was the only secondary school in Madison County Schools to earn that honor. Capt. Whitlow has implemented the 1:1 Chromebook initiative at Meridianville Middle School in which every student uses their electronic device in the classroom. Meridianville Middle School has earned the honor as the third-best middle school in the Huntsville, Madison City, and Madison County Schools on, and Meridianville has been named as the 27th best middle school in the state of Alabama. The student promotion rate is 99%.  The Meridianville/Hazel Green area is the fastest growing area in Madison County and this is a direct result of having amazing schools in the area. Capt. Whitlow joined the United States Marines Corps and is currently serving Madison County (in Huntsville, AL) and the Great State of Alabama as a Captain (Capt.) in the Alabama National Guard as a U.S. Army Engineer Officer. He believes safe schools are the key to students soaring to higher levels of excellence.


"Cameron brings passion, drive, and determination to Meridianville. He will be a great fit because he is known for his open-door policy of leadership and he believes success relies on motivation and collaboration,” Former Superintendent of Madison County Schools and the current President of Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering.

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